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David Chaskes

As economist, research analyst and business consultant, Mr. Chaskes brings over 25 years of professional experience and leadership combining his background in economics,
business management, grassroots lobbying/activism and sustainable development analyst.

Mr. Chaskes currently sits on the board of governors of the Center for Transformation of Waste Technology, and acts as its Secretary of the Executive Committee. For Floodplain Solutions Group, Inc. Mr. Chaskes is director of Operations and provides expertise as a technical consultant, writer and business consultant on projects involving solid waste and wastewater management, reclamation and reuse. In this capacity Mr. Chaskes formulates and implements sustainable wastewater reclamation and reuse solutions and develops economic stimulus plans for rural communities worldwide.

Chaskes currently works as director of operations for Unlimited Applications, Inc., and its sister company, Floodbarrier, Inc., both flood proofing and flood mitigation companies specializing in design, manufacture and installation for commercial flood proofing construction projects.


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