Center for Transformation of Waste Technology
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The Mission

The primary mission of the CENTER is to use wastes as resources to generate revenues on a sustainable basis.  The revenues are to be used to finance water reclamation and reuse projects and other environmental improvements.  Towards this end, the Center seeks to optimally integrate the hydrologic, nutrient and carbon cycles to maximize revenues while achieving Project sustainability. The conceptual framework that will define the Center’s activities is as follows:

  1. Identify wastes that can be converted into resources.
  2. Explore the interactions between the resources.
  3. Estimate the amount of revenue that would accrue from the resources and their synergism.
  4. Interact with officials in financial institutions, government agencies, and other nonprofit entities to identify channels of funding and marketing the technologies through meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars.
  5. Inform and educate individuals, businesses, interest groups and the general public about the opportunities and benefits of transforming wastes into resources.

The Center for Transformation of Waste Technology (CTWT) was formed in 2008 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the ecologically sound management of wastes and residuals. 

The Center is helping to implement the goal of the U.S. EPA’s Center of Excellence (Region 5), which is as follows:

Manage the conversion of municipal, industrial and agricultural residuals into useful commodities, value-added products and energy resources.

The Center explores opportunities to implement waste transformation technologies and participate in the process of commercializing commodities, products and energy converted from municipal wastes and the residuals of industrial and agricultural activities, and the emerging “green” industries. 

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