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John R. Sheaffer, Ph.D.
President, Sheaffer Consulting, LLC

Dr. John R. “Jack” Sheaffer is the managing director of the Center for the Transformation of Waste Technology, a 501C3 entity. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago.  His problem solving skills are as legendary as his capability for fresh, insightful thinking.  He was instrumental in the formulation in the landmark Clean Water Act Amendments.  He also served as the Scientific Advisor to the Secretary of the Army.  His earlier dissertation at the University of Chicago on flood proofing served as a template for national, state and local regulations on this topic.

His work in the recycling of wastewater began in 1972 with the 42 million gallons per day system designed and installed by Muskegon County, Michigan. His related work in Illinois started in 1980 with the design, Permitting and construction of the reclamation and reuse system serving the Hamilton Lakes (Chancellory) development in Itasca, Illinois.

The Department of the Army in 1972 decorated him for Exceptional Civilian Service.  “Dr. John R. Sheaffer has performed exceptional civilian service from September 1970 to August 1972.  His outstanding leadership in establishing the Army in the vanguard of the Nation’s effort to control and reduce environmental degradation of out water resources has resulted in significant redirection of the Army Civil Works Program mission and objective.  He has demonstrated incomparable engineering skills and judgment as a natural resources planner in solving numerable complex technical problems related to all facets of water resources development.  Dr. Sheaffer’s preeminent accomplishments during this period meet the highest traditions of public service and reflect great credit upon himself and the Department of the Army.”

He was a recipient of The John R. Sheaffer Award for Excellence in Floodproofing in 1993, established by The Association of State Floodplain Managers and initially awarded to John R.  Sheaffer, the man whose name it bears.  “Dr. John “Jack” Sheaffer laid the groundwork for the floodproofing to be a viable flood protection method, adding an important nonstructural damage reduction alternative to our inventory of floodplain management tools.

He is a member of the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C. and the author or co-author of 10 books and more than 60 articles on wastewater management and reuse, irrigation, floodproofing and comprehensive water resources management.


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