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Municipal Wastewater Projects

Muskegon, MI 

The National Society of Professional Engineers selected the Muskegon County Wastewater management system as one of the top ten outstanding engineering achievements of 1972 in the USA.               

The Environmental Planning Award for 1974 was presented to the Muskegon County Planning Commission for distinguished service in conservation planning.

AVERAGE FLOW: 42,000,000 GPD
STORAGE AREA: 1700 acres
RAPID INFILTRATION SYSTEM: 48 basins providing 154 acres of rapid sand filtration
IRRIGATED AREA: 5,100 acres

Following passage taken from: “US EPA Publication wastewater: Is Muskegon County’s Solution Your Solution?” Region 5, Chicago, IL AUG 1979, p. 30

“Muskegon County has innovatively transformed a comprehensive idea for utilizing and renovating wastewater by land treatment into a very cost effective operational system. Their land treatment system has nearly eliminated industrial and municipal pollutants from the 27 million gallons of wastewater treated each day, thereby protecting the County’s lakes and streams as well as Lake Michigan. It has utilized wastewater as water and fertilizer to grow over a quarter million bushels of corn in 1975 on previously unproductive land, thereby reducing operating costs. This successful wastewater system is also serving as a focal point in the County’s efforts to revitalize their economy."



Kewanna, IN 

Owned by the Town of Kewanna, IN and located in Fulton County, this Sheaffer System expanded and upgraded the Town’s traditional land treatment system, by an additional 30,000 GPD. The renovation also improved reclaimed water quality, controlled odors and reduced sludge handling. Previously existing aerated lagoons were converted into storage reservoirs, and some of the original facilities and equipment from 1983 was refurbished and reused.

IRRIGATED AREA: 38.4 acres
USE: Cropland (Alfalfa, Corn, Rye)


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